The Importance and Responsibility of Wedding Vow Traditions


Weddings are one of the most important and serious events in everyone's lives. Everything is thoroughly planned out: the couple write their wedding vows, speak words of love, loyalty and mutual support to each other, take photos with family and friends, and are overwhelmed with positive emotions.

Many of you probably know that in order for vows to be honest, truthful, and beautiful, the couple prepares a little beforehand to recite them. It's also crucial to decide where to keep the vow. After all, the couple will be able to recall those words that they engraved during their wedding. With our product, Vow Book or Personalized Vow Book, this can be done beautifully and uniquely.

It's worth remembering that it's challenging to compose vows independently, so this stage usually includes applause, jokes, and a lot of alcohol at the wedding. Therefore, it's not surprising that funny events often happen when writing vows.

For example, the groom does not know how to write, so he looks at the bride's Vow Book, and then they laugh when they read the same or very similar words the next day and for many years afterward!

It also happens that the bride does not want to share her vows with the groom "in public" and just googles "best wedding vows," and later writes personal words from her sincere heart, which only her husband can see.

Our couple also had a story when they both didn't know what to write, so the bride wrote a list of her favorite movies and TV shows, and the groom wrote his favorite dishes. By the way, they both used this information in their married life after a while!

So, always give yourself positive moments, let it be wildly fun at your wedding, as well as at your loved ones' wedding! And do not forget to order your Vow Book or Personalized Vow Book on our website to turn any dream into reality with ease!